IMPORTANT – Risk and Income Disclaimer

With (online) investments, not only high profits but also high losses are possible. In the worst case, a total loss is also possible. Since it is important to me to point out this risk to you, I ask you to read the following lines carefully. If the risk is too high for you, please do not make any investments.

By using the offer you acknowledge the following: You acknowledge and agree that no assurances or warranties of any kind regarding distribution, yields, results or profits are and can be made.

You acknowledge and agree that any distributions, returns, results or profit payments, if any, are purely voluntary by the System Provider (third party). These services may be suspended or discontinued at any time without prior notice. There is no legal entitlement to payments of any kind.

In principle, you will not earn any money by purchasing products and advertising services. All profit, profit or income examples, as well as possible results that may occur through the purchase of products, are solely assumptions and estimates. These can vary greatly, or even not occur.

No forecasts or statements about future developments can be made on the basis of previous distributions, earnings, results or profits.

If you base your decision on any distributions, returns, results or profits presented, you must accept that only “you” bear the sole risk for your actions & decisions. Any kind of payouts, earnings, results or profit payments are not guaranteed by the system provider.

Please also note that such online transactions and offers may result in a total loss of your money. So please always use only money, whose loss you can cope with in the worst case simply and without problems.

By using this page and the links on it you accept this risk declaration and the income disclaimer.